SST Students visits the Nigerian Foundries Limited

The 200 Level Students of SST embarked on a one-day trip to the Nigerian Foundries Limited (NFL), Ota on Thursday the 25th of November 2021. The first industrial workshop organized by the school of science and technology for her Students. The trip was aimed at helping the students see the practical application of their course work for better understanding of the theories taught in the classroom.

The Nigerian Foundries Limited (NFL) is the leading ferrous foundry group in sub-Sahara. The Foundry was producing cast iron municipal castings and water pipeline fittings up until 1990. The plant was further renovated in 2002/03 with new equipment and became operational.

Being the leading ferrous group in the sub-Sahara, the university signed a memorandum of understanding with the NFL which made it possible for her students to have their laboratory practice with the industry. The Industrial Workshop was designed to have a maximum of twelve students in a group, to aid in observing the Covid-19 protocol and making it possible for the facilitators to pay maximum attention to the students rather than having one crowded class. The practical exercise covered the following areas; Metallography, Industrial Machining, Foundry, Industrial 3D Printing.
All who participated were on the full PPE (Boiler suit, Safety boots, Helmet, Google, Hand gloves and earmuff). A general health safety and environment briefing was given up arrival and a class on NFG HSE moment and general knowledge appreciation on reverse engineering and foundry production was taught by Dr. Arun Rao and Engr. John Udoidua before the students could commence into the workshop.

At the Metallography Unit, the facilitator Omowunmi Adeyeye anchored the lecture on sample identification, preparation and storage, spectrophotometry, and mechanical properties. The Machining was handled by Osagie E. He lectured the students on industrial lathe work, industrial milling work and industrial drilling, shaping boring etc. They were also taught laser cutting for fabrication. While at the Foundry Workshop, Mr. Pete Oke gave the lecture on pattern making, foundry in the box/casting and heat treatment. The 3D printing was taken by Mr. Illias Adekunle who enlightens the students on how to use CAD software and the scanning and printing mechanism.

The industrial work was not only an educative trip which has helped the students better appreciate their fields of study but it was also an adventure for most of the students who haven’t experienced a road trip outside of the state and some who haven’t been to an industry before. The students were excited with their experience at the NFL and enthusiastic to more industrial work.