We provide practice-based, student-centred and
industry-relevant programs that address technical expertise,
industrial management and ethical responsibility.
Centre of Higher-Education,
Teaching and Research


We provide entrepreneurship education along with
science and engineering education to the promotion
of the common good of society .
Qualilty Education and
Professional Competence


We contributes to the development of the person as a whole;
not only to acquire knowledge, but also habits and attitudes that are vital
for university and professional life.
Our Students are Prepared
to become Skilled Professionals.


We produce graduates with high academic standard and
adequate practical background for self- employment as well as
being of immediate value to industry and the community in general.
High Quality Teaching Materials

The School of Science and Technology

The School of Science and Technology (SST) is a community of people committed to creating and transmitting knowledge and competencies in science, engineering and technology by “forming competent and socially responsible science and engineering professionals who are committed to the promotion of the common good of society and the advancement of the scientific and engineering profession”.

SST contributes to national development through the provision of academic programmes that are relevant to the needs of the industry. We are open to all people regardless of their nationality, race, sex, religion or ethnic group. The curricular activities of SST are part of a wider all round formation which is provided in the University.

Undergraduate Programmes

Masters Programmes

The Masters in Data Science seeks to bring knowledge of data analytics closer to business expertise by equipping participants with the ability to draw meaningful insights from wide range of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, with varied levels of sizes and complexities. Participants will acquire the requisite skills needed to identify, extract, prepare, analyze, interpret and present results, with AI-driven enhancements. In addition, participants will be able to lead the implementation of innovative data science projects in real-world environments, applying the concepts to varied sectors of interest.

Meet our Skilled Faculty

Latest Posts

PAU’s IOTRONICS Shines at the 2023 Pan-African Robotics Finals!

September 11, 2023

Students of SST, Samuel Oyefusi, Amarachi Alu-Ewah, Israel Afolabi and Christian Onuoha of the #IOTRONICS team, represented Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) at the Pan-African Robotics…

SST Faculty Members visit Strongpack Limited

July 19, 2023

Some Faculty Members of the School of Science and Technology, Pan-Atlantic University made an industrial…

SST Begins Students Industry Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) 23

July 19, 2023

Students from the School of Science and Technology (SST) are embarking on an…

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IFG 4 Public Lecture Series: Sociotechnical typologies for national energy transitions: : Dr. Norbert Edomah

The energy landscape is changing dramatically. It is populated by many different and discrete energy transitions happening simultaneously across different sectors, with dynamically different drivers,…

  • 11:30 - 14:00




Entropy-based Stochastic Ordering of the Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution with Application: : Miss Grace Okoacha

9th Annual International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Optimization (ICMSO) 2022. The goal of ICMSO 2022 is to bring together Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Practitioners…

  • 10:00 - 03:30 (May 13, 2022)
  • Institute De Mathématique Et De Sciences Physiques, Universite D’ Abomey-Calavi, Porto-Novo, Benin