SST Graduates Students in M.Sc. Data Science

After toiling comes the nectarous fruit of hard work. The 2nd of December 2023 marked a memorable day for the graduating class of 2023 as the culmination of their academic journey unfolded in a grand convocation ceremony, signifying their accomplishments and paving the way for new beginnings. The halls of the Lagos Business School resonated with the undeniable excitement of families, graduates (of the various undergraduate programmes offered by the university) and the promise of a future carved by dedication and hardwork.

The ceremony commenced with a solemn procession, led by the graduating class, esteemed faculty members, council procession comprised of dignitaries and members of the governing council of invited universities and lastly the university’s Chancellors’ procession comprised of the members of the university’s governing council. The echoes of applause cascaded through the auditorium as the graduates filed in, a testament to their unwavering commitment to knowledge and excellence.