Master of Science in Data Science


The Masters in Data Science of the School of Science and Technology (SST) Pan-Atlantic University, seeks to bring knowledge of data analytics closer to business expertise by equipping participants with the ability to draw meaningful insights from wide range of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, with varied levels of sizes and complexities. Participants will acquire the requisite skills needed to identity, extract, prepare, analyze, interpret and present results, with AI-driven enhancements. In addition, participants will be able to lead the implementation of innovative data science projects in real-world environments, applying the concepts to varied sectors of interest.

The Master’s programme is on the one hand, for anyone whose objective is to acquire professional competence in data science, at the service of the industry. On the other hand, it is a pathway to further specialization at doctoral level.

Aims/Objectives of the Programme

The vision of the School is to be internationally recognized as a prestigious institution offering high-class education in Science and Technology disciplines; to be a reference point for research in Africa, and a leading training centre for science and technology practitioners. It is expected that the level and high standard of the School will influence positively all other faculties of its nature across the country.

Entry Requirements

  • At least hold a bachelor degree in any information science related
  • (HND holders require an additional Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant
  • Be fluent in English language

Graduation Requirements

The following regulations shall govern the conditions for the award of Master of Science (MSc) degree;

  1. Candidates should have registered for a minimum of 42 units of courses.
  2. Candidates must have registered and passed all the compulsory courses
    specified for the programme

Minimum number of Earned Credit Hours for graduation:

To graduate, the candidates must have passed a minimum of 30 units (which
must include the compulsory units).

Minimum No. of years for graduation:

One year