Associate Professor Ikechukwu Ohu of Gannon University USA visits SST

Dr. Ikechukwu Ohu, an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Gannon University, Erie, PA was received by the Dean of the School of Science and Technology Dr. Darlington Agholor during his visit to the Schools facility. They spoke of a possible institutional collaboration in the coming future.

Dr. Ikechukwu Ohu works on projects relating to the (physical and cognitive) ergonomic support of grocery store workers and healthcare providers, robotics, and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). His research interests are focused on the improvement of productivity (a workplace outcome) and wellbeing (an individual outcome) in working environments involving the interaction of humans and machines, and the study of human behavior and movement in work and non-work environments. He is keenly interested in the psychology and dynamics of human-computer, human-robot, and human-cyberphysical systems interactions. He is also intrigued  by work-life interaction research and studies in augmented cognition.